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Give the Gospel for Christmas


What if just half of our church experienced this each week?

I wasn't totally sure what it was. I didn't know if it would work. But I did it anyway. I wrote up a description of what I meant, of what I wanted, and asked several young men to join me in it.

The goal:

   take the next step in life based on what God has been saying through circumstances as seen through the lens of Scripture.

The problem:

   I'd never led a group doing this before. I'd never experienced this with Austrians before. I'd never seen this in practice in my local church! 

However, after a few months, we experienced one of those moments that are unforgettable. The six of us were sitting at a dining room table. We had all reflected on our own personal situations from the previous week. We all had developed steps to take and asked each for help in achieving those goals. "And what would it be like if just half of our church experienced this each week?", I asked in a semi-rhetorical manner. And that's when the lights turned on. A vision of consistent, spiritual growth laid itself out right in front of us. None of us come to our weekly, 75-minute meetings the same way--we know from experience why we're meeting. We want the Spirit of Christ to move us forward. So whether it's the married 21-year-old father with cancer, the pastor's kid finishing school, the slightly disoriented architectural student, the water pump sales guy, or the veteran missionary--we know what we are expecting of God because He's promised it. And the fire is burning brightly in our hearts.

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